Server side pagination vs Hybrid(Server + Client) Pagination

  1. Server side pagination API — On change of every page we need to hit API to get the data from server of the required page. But in hybrid, we will fetch records of 10(k) pages. User can switch between pages from 1 to 10 without API hit(this is the only advantage of Hybrid Pagination), but as soon as we want to see record on 11th page, then again we need to hit API to get data from server. Which we are already implementing with Server side pagination only.
  2. Server side search API — Hybrid pagination doesn’t support search API. Both server side and hybrid required this API to get the searched data.
  3. Server side sort API — Again hybrid pagination doesn’t support sorting also. As for filtering/sorting we need filter all record and get all sorted items from server again, to see the sorting.


As a conclusion to above discussion, Hybrid Pagination will add complexity to code as well to functionality. So if application requires a large set of data to show, then me must use Server Side Pagination.



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Mohit Khandelwal

Mohit Khandelwal


Experienced Software Engineer with skilled in React JS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Jest. Working as a Senior Technical Consultant at Xebia.